The name “Sunnext” was chosen to reflect our collective desire to become an upcoming bastion within the intellectual property field. We possess the entrepreneurial spirit of an integrated and unified team, and undertake to serve our clients with readiness and dedication. At the same time, our team capitalizes on its adaptability and flexibility to provide you with specific solutions that address your specific needs.

With the advent of technology and trade agreements, corporations are rapidly globalizing in order to effectuate the comparative advantages of lower−cost regions. We are keenly aware of the fervent needs of international businesses. Our partnerships with overseas law firms enable us to provide legal support for our clients all over the world.


Our keywords are technology and speed. We are of the belief that, as professionals acquainted with next-generation technologies, we are sentries posted to protect the intellectual property of our clients. Our role is to work together with clients to contribute to society through improved technology. We are also of the belief that, in the complex business world spawned by globalization, the way forward involves speed - a prompt and diligent response based on an accurate understanding of client needs.

We strive to be an organization for the next generation, unrestrained by preconceived notions of what should or shouldn't be. We aim to always offer something new, so that we can help our clients realize their dreams.